Hi there! My name is Ivo Titzin. I am a freelance photographer, situated in Sofia, Bulgaria.

My education is in TV and movie directing. But I never really got into the film business. Instead, I kept taking pictures. For my father taught me the basics of photography when I was still a kid. And I got hooked. On the spot and for life. My guess is I never grew up.

Ivo the freelancer & Dora the fully booked Yorkie

Ivo, the freelance photographer & Dora, the full-time Yorkie.

Given the minuscule photography market in my lovely but messy Bulgaria, I always keep myself busy with some projects on the side. Like the Mintables or the Plastic Steel Lives, which can be seen in the portfolio, for example. So, I ain’t no fussy. Can shoot anything as long as I like the project or the people behind it for that matter.

The pictures are there, and you just take them.

Robert Capa

When it comes to Events I am more of a reportage photographer. I follow the story the way it unfolds. Usually, it is a special occasion for someone and I would rather let them have their moments the way they see it than try to set things up. Plus life is the best plot maker anyway. Who are we to interfere…

Opposite to people, if objects are to be photographed, be it at the studio or in the open air, things have to be arranged and lit meticulously. No matter whether by the sun or using proper artificial lighting. Other than that I only shoot in color, do just minor adjustments in Photoshop, and never crop. What I see in the camera is what you get at the end. If a picture has to be recomposed or heavily manipulated afterward it goes straight into the dustbin.

And that’s that. If it is what you are after, you are more than welcome!

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